Inspection Services


Are you an out of town landlord? Don’t have a property management company?
Well Mr. Clean SWFL is here for you!

Our PROPERTY INSPECTIONS SERVICE includes either quarterly, semi-yearly of yearly rental property inspection of the exterior of your property. We have found through the years when renters neglect the exterior of the home, the inside may have problems too.

Therefore, we inspect the property and send you a video on your scheduled service.

Combine Our Property Inspections Service With Our Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Our Scheduled Maintenance Plan includes a yearly house PRESSURE CLEANING where we inspect your property and deliver an inspection check list identifying Cosmetic, Structural and Safety Concerns.

Our general maintenance department has the capabilities to successfully complete a job of any size and has yet to come across an issue they couldn’t tackle.

We also go the extra step and inspect your HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS by ensuring your shudders and panels are all there and the bolts are accounted for.

Once a Hurricane Advisory is issued, we contact you to schedule the installation of your shudders once a Warning is issued.

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The safety of the business owner, guests or customers are always our number one concern. Keeping mold, mildew, oil and grease off of your sidewalks, decks and pool areas will eliminate the risk of slip and fall accidents.