Commercial Pressure Washing


We are a full-service building maintenance company. We will clean your establishment on a monthly basis, which includes your building, walkways, parking lot and dumpster areas. We also identify and correct any minor problems before they fester into expensive ones. We ensure your drainage system is clear and flowing properly for water infiltration is the main ingredient of rot and insect infestation.

Our Services Include

Pressure Cleaning and Stain / Graffiti Removal
Line Striping

Equipment Degreasing

Refurbishing of Decks, Fencing and Dumpster Areas
Minor Repairs

All of the work is finished during your off hours, ensuring your customers and employees are never inconvenienced. We employ a 24-Hour Emergency Service for all of our clients in the event of vandalism, auto accident cleanup, storm damage or flooding.

Our Line Striping service includes quarterly touch-ups of high traffic areas ensuring your establishment always portrays the highest image of cleanliness.

We will customize our billing to meet your company accounts payable system. We include a monthly inspection checklist, which may be accessed on your secure page on this site. This checklist also includes pictures of all work completed, any problems found, and a manager commit card.

The cost effectiveness of our service to your bottom line is:

Increased visibility resulting higher patriotism
Higher first impression of patriots resulting in return business
Identification of small problems resulting in lower repair costs
Proper traffic and pedestrian flow resulting in fewer accidents
Fewer workman's comp claims.
Consolidation of services resulting in lower maintenance costs
Proper maintenance resulting in longer life of structure
One less thing your managers have to deal with.

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The safety of the business owner, guests or customers are always our number one concern. Keeping mold, mildew, oil and grease off of your sidewalks, decks and pool areas will eliminate the risk of slip and fall accidents.