Boat & Dock Cleaning


A beautiful wood dock or deck will contribute directly to your home's value and to your family's quality of life. Whether the dock or deck is 200 square feet or 2,000 square feet, many people are passionately proud of their decks.

So why do so many homeowners let their decks and docks become downright shabby-looking? Besides time constraints, many people are completely confused about how to maintain a deck, so they avoid the project altogether. Even if you're an old-hand at deck care, the past few years have seen changes in deck care products, making it even more difficult to stay current.

The good news is that keeping your deck in good condition can amount to no more than an afternoon or two every couple of years, depending on the climate factors and the type of products you use. (Of course, this excludes regular sweeping and hosing to remove dirt and leaves.) In fact, even a complete deck makeover can be completed relatively quickly!

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The safety of the homeowner, resident, guest or customer is always our number one concern. Keeping mold, mildew, oil and grease off of your sidewalks, decks and pool areas will eliminate the risk of slip and fall accidents.